Friday, September 9, 2016

Costume Time!

I love wearing costumes! I love an excuse to dress up and often use it as a chance to engage my students in the classroom. It might be a full blown costume, accessories or a silly hat! That's why I jumped at the chance to review Oriental Trading Company's costumes. I received the costumes in exchange for my honest review.

I spent some time perusing all of the adult costume choices and debated on how to use them in my classroom. I came up with about a million ideas but my littles were around and I decided they would make much cuter models. I browsed the hundreds of costumes with them and they LOVED picking out their own costumes. My twins could not be more different and that is evident in the costumes they chose!

Lexi chose to be a panda. She LOVES pandas and plays with her stuffed panda all the time. Lili chose to be a Storm Trooper. She feel in love with the Star Wars trailer last summer and has been a fan ever since.

Lexi is an average sized three-year-old. The panda costume I ordered recommends sizes 2T-4T. It is so cute on! It comes with four pieces; the head, body and feet (velcro!) I paired it with some black clothes that we had at home. It fits perfectly, is easy to put on and take off  and is comfortable on. The fur is soft and Lexi has put it on probably 100 times since it arrived a week ago. It has passed the three-year-old durability test.

Lili is tall for her age. I have her in 5T/5 clothes most of the time (she will be WAY taller than me) We ordered the child size small for the Storm Trooper costume. It is big on her. The costume came with the suit and the mask. The suit is light weight and white so you have to be careful of what you put under it. It has a large opening in the back to step into and velcro. It does not close all the way so you should layer. I like that the suit has built in "boots" (covers for the feet.) I like the mask! It is a durable plastic, with foam to sit comfortably on your eyes, netting over the eyes and adjustable elastic to keep it on.

I think Oriental Trading is a great stop in your costume hunt! You have hundreds to choose from and it is shipped right to you! We are all geared up for Halloween and the School Book Character Parade (we definitely have books about Storm Troopers and Pandas!) Whether you need a costume for Halloween or for an engaging activity at school check out Oriental Trading Company.