Monday, July 22, 2013

Farewell Summer Sale

Well I am going out of town tomorrow morning for the rest of the summer. I was thinking about blogging while on vacation but I decided not to since I will be so busy and this will be our first big trip with the girls. I will check back in with you 8/9 when I start school and let you know about our training.

Since I will be going away until school starts I thought that I would throw a sale! SO here it is 20% of in my TPT store until Wednesday!

How are you spending the end of summer???

Sunday, July 21, 2013

End of Summer and A Giveaway

Well it's almost here ........ the end of summer. :(! I can't believe how quickly it has gone.  My room is almost done. I say almost because we have new curriculum so I am not sure what needs to be on my walls. I mentioned in a previous post I wasn't sure what my classroom was going to be like when I went in to set it up. Well worse case scenario I HAD MICE!!!! They were running across the classroom while I was setting up. Most of my stuff went in the trash can :( Luckily my principal said I could buy what I needed so I get to do a little revamping!

The next new thing that is happening in my room besides the principal and curriculum is I am getting tables instead of desks. I am not sure what to think about this I am worried about managing the students supplies. I would LOVE any input on how to manage this from experience.

I am currently working on some back to school forms and I will let you know when I am done!

Now on to a giveaway! I have donated another item from my TPT store to a giveaway! I am part of the the 3-5 giveaway!
You can enter this great giveaway here!!!! 

Now I mentioned doing my own giveaway before and I haven't had much of a response. I think I will hold off until after school starts. I will keep you posted! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Little of This and a Little of That

Well I was at my parents house over the past several days. It was so nice to be taken care of. During that time I realized my summer is really ticking away. I have one more week at home and then I will travel until our first day of training.  All of that means I need to go in and get my classroom set up. I am not excited about this because I WASN' T the one who packed it up. In fact the sub I had for maternity leave decided to redecorate my classroom and shoved all my stuff in a pile in my cabinet so I have been dreading it!!!!

This lead me to wonder if you all had any quick tips to setting up your classroom? Please comment about it below!

This being said Target now has back to school teacher stuff in the dollar section!

Another thing that happened while I was gone was that my principal resigned. I am really bummed! I hope that his replacement will be qualified and equally great to work for! Any advice for this transition?


I am featured in a of giveaway!

The Teacher Life! She is giving away a bunch of great stuff so head on over and enter!

I am getting ready to do a giveaway myself! I was wondering what kind of items you would like to win? Comment below!

Monday, July 8, 2013


There is a great giveaway going on over at Confessions of a 3rd Grade Teacher. There are tons of items you can win and I donated to the giveaway! My donation is any item from my TPT store! So head on over and enter! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Reflection

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Ours was really busy but a lot of fun.
My girls and I on the 4th!

While I was away some exciting things happened! First one of my Freebies was featured on Innovative To The Core. She has several great freebies featured so head on over and check that out. 
Next, I am going to be part of a giveaway at Owl Things First

Please check both of those out! 

I am thrilled to be featured and part of a giveaway. I am really enjoying getting back into the blogging world. If you are looking for donations for a giveaway let me know I would love to participate!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FAVORITE!!!!! Blogs

Hey all and HAPPY 4th! Well its the 3rd but I am going to be out of town in the mountains with no internet tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE Blogs just incase you haven't heard of them.

My criteria for a favorite blog you might ask? Well first of all they have to be informative and major bonus points for making me LAUGH!!! I will share the categories with you below!

Teacher Blogs, Mommy Blogs and everything else!

Teacher Blogs:

Teeny Tiny Teacher:  Kristin cracks me up and has bunch of great ideas too. I know that I have mentioned her before.  She talks about life as well as teaching and has weekly features which I love!

First Grade Parade: Cara is adorable and she has tons of great ideas! If you teach blog and haven't checked her out ( also known as you live under a rock with no internet.) you should! I want to be in her class!!!!!!!! She is why I started blogging!

Mommy Blogs:

The following two blogs are an absolute riot! They tell it like it is and don't mind offending people in the process. So if you get offended easily don't check them out.

Pregnant Chicken: This HILARIOUS blog got me through pregnancy and I recommend it to everyone is pregnant or wants to be pregnant or just had a baby. THERE IS TONS of relevant information on her blog. DIG DIG DIG through the archives too!

Rants From Mommy Land: There are three witty moms that blog on the site and I have just recently become a giant fan! They tell it like is, have great ideas and let you know, no, you are not the only one... or if you think that was bad, listen to this..........

Everything Else:

The Small Things Blog: Kate is super talented! She creates video tutorials on how to do hair, make up or what to wear. I subscribe to her youtube channel also. So if you are having a bad hair day, or just want a tip or two check her out.

Okay, those are my favorites. I know there are a million great blogs out there! I read tons more all the time. But those are my tip top choices. I would LOVE for you to share what your favorites are so comment below!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Twins on the Brain and a Linky

Hey all! I have been thinking about my twins and it got me thinking about twins you might have had in your class. These days it seems like twins are everywhere! (Maybe I am just more aware now?!) I was wondering if you have taught a set of twins or multiples in your class at the same time, or maybe your school splits multiples. I just was wondering about how it went? Comment below and tell me of you positive or not so positive experiences!

I have had adopted siblings in my class and two sets of twins way back in student teaching........ but that was along time ago!

Anyways with twins on the brain I wanted to share an updated pic of my sweet girls! Its hard to get them both to look at the camera since they are babies,
but in this one at least they are looking! Happy Tuesday!

I also just joined a linky party over at First Grade Parade! LOVE HER! Check it out here!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Alright I have been on a hiatus! I have two infant daughters so it should be understandable but in all honesty part of me was deciding if I was going to stay at home or go back to school. I couldn't write a teacher blog not being a teacher. (Right?)

I have been out of the the classroom for six months now because of bed rest, maternity leave and summer vacation. I had never planned on staying at home but then these two little babies came and I couldn't imagine leaving them! (Anyone else been there done that?) However after countless hours of debating I am returning to work in just over a month. My sweet girls will be five months old. It will be a challenge but I am excited for it!

Here is why:

1. My first graders from two years ago are now going to be back with me as 3rd graders!

2. We are getting all new curriculum strictly on the iPad through Pearson. We will be fully trained on this as we are a test model so I will have to share how it goes.

3. I am going to be teaching literacy!!!! WHOHOO I have always hoped to have this opportunity!

Now any other working moms? I am sure there are!!! Please comment with any tips you may have on making the transition back to work?

I really look forward to sharing the latest greatest technology training with you all!