Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have been busy! Its back to school and my free time from the summer is all gone! If you follow me on any other social media you might have seen me mention a giveaway a time or two. I was going to do it when I reached a certain number of followers here and there but now its finally time! I am ready to spoil you! I hope you love this basket as much as I have putting it together. It has all of my teaching essentials and some fun stuff for you to enjoy as well! Are you ready..................

It has: 
A No Name Sign from my Etsy Shop
Pink and Green Deco Tape
Pink Plaid Duck Tape
Poster Markers
Pipsqueak Markers
Colored Bic Ball Point Pens
Post Its 
Necklace and Earring Set 
Three Sets of Jamberry and a nail file 
A water bottle for your classroom
A koozie for your drinks to be cold

I hope that you love everything inside! Enter to win it below!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back To School

Its here.... back to school time. I am not fully ready to embrace back to school and I don't have students until the 19th so I have time to warm up to the idea. One of the bonuses of back to school is the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale! The site wide sale is coming August 3-4 (tomorrow)

I wanted to show you two items from my store that are perfect for back to school! 

The first one is a simple parent survey. This survey helps you gather all the necessary information in one place. The best this is its a bargain at $1.00 (Plus tomorrow you get 28% off) 

The next activity is perfect for building a caring classroom community. These Wrinkled Heart Activities are great for back to school. It includes: 
This includes:

2 pages of teacher notes and lesson plans3 different sets of postersTwo pennant flag words for bulletin boards: Think and Be KindWriting prompts for primary and intermediate grades2 Heart templates2 Book Marks

I hope you find some great deals during the sale! I will be back very soon with a giveaway so stay tuned and check back! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Movie Stars

I participated in the Seller Challenge and we were supposed to create our masterpiece.  I have been working on my movie star room theme FOREVER!!!! Its for a coworker and I am sure she thinks I forgot about it. But I have been busy! The seller challenge was awesome but it also took up some of my other TpT creation time and then came Periscope I have been slightly less productive as I watched what everyone had to say! You can find me at @TeacherBronco on Periscope.

So here is the movie star room theme complete with award show glitter and popcorn! Digital glitter and digital popcorn!

I will Periscope the complete set soon. My Luau theme has been pretty popular this summer so I hope that this one will be too! Let me know what you think. I wish I could show it to you all printed out and set up but since its not for my room and I am stingy with my ink (I know I need the HP ink program.) I hope you will be happy with the post and the Periscope. Maybe I will be able to add pictures later.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sight Word Jenga

My school uses Fry Words and I wanted to find a fun way to work on the sight words with my kiddos. I know that I will have several kiddos this year that will need to practice these and I don't want it to be tedious! So I just came up with the idea of Sight Word Jenga!

I saw the idea for math fact Jenga and I wanted to figure out a way to use it in my literacy classroom. The prep was pretty easy. It took about 10 minutes (if that) to write the words on the blocks. I wrote the words on the widest parts of the blocks and did two words for each block. I also chose to do two different colors but more would probably be cuter.  I snagged my Jenga set at a garage sale so its okay with me that it is missing a few pieces but I had enough to write the 3rd 100 Fry Words on them. I am considering finding more sets and doing some of the other Fry words on them.

Here is how it works:

I think this along with Poison Apple  will be a small group favorite! 

Monday, July 13, 2015


I did not make TpT Las Vegas and I am bummed about it but it was totally worth it to stand by my besties side on her wedding day. The wedding week activities were fun and the wedding itself was so beautiful! My sweet girls were flower girls too.  It was their second flower girl gig this summer. They are pros now so we will start charging a fee!

I tried to keep up with all of the Vegas happenings on social media and it seems like the next big thing is Periscope. I have watched a few live streams and it seems so much fun. I will have to come up with something to share soon but I am really enjoying live videos of everything. You can search Teaching In Bronco Country or find me at TeacherBronco. I am on Twitter too at BroncoTeacher I am working on figuring out both of these! Please check me out and stay tuned! 

UPDATE: I have done two Periscopes! I will be back soon to share my classroom and some other share worthy items! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Currently

I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for July's currently!
Listening: My little ones are really enjoying the summer time and playing in the back yard. I think that they could do it for hours! We love bubbles and chalk! 
Loving: I love all of the fun summer time things like BBQs, the pool and free time. 
Thinking: We have two golf tournaments, a wedding and a vacation packed into this month. Its busy but fun! I can't wait for all of this to start this week. 
Wanting: I want a new dress for the occasions above! I just need to find the time to go shopping and survive it toting two, two year olds with me. Anyone want to baby sit?  
Needing: I need to finish my seller challenge masterpiece. The holiday weekend left me way behind. I am working on a room theme for a coworker and I have been taking forever! I need to get on it. 
All Star: I have been doing a bunch of little projects and I am loving them! Its fun to be crafty and accomplish something. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Change My Teaching

How to change my teaching is a question that I am asking myself. Innovation is my key word. But how do I innovate? How do I do it and still meet my curriculum and standards? Here are my first steps:

Self Directed Learning:
How will I find time to have the students discover their passion and self direct their learning? We have a 15-20 minute morning warm up time where they come in and do a task I gave them. Next year they will come in and discover their passion in this time. Using our iPads as a tool not a toy they can unlock incredible information. I will come up with guidelines but I do not want to limit them. I will conference with individuals to track and monitor progress and I will set a finish date. Ideally I will do one "find your passion " (working title) per quarter. I want them to show case their learning at the end of it and I am thinking of letting them present in the way they come up with. Can 3rd graders do it? YES! Will it take modeling, time, patience? YES! I will get back to you about this one.

Changing The Traditional Classroom Setting:
Desks, tables, hard plastic chairs, sitting in those all day to learn? Check, check and check! How can I make my ideal learning for all learners and not break the bank? I am going to start little by little this year.

I want interactive spaces through out my room. I want the students to share their thinking and see mine! I love the idea of having constantly changing spaces to share thoughts and ideas. I am going to post "idea dots" around the room. I will use dry erase circles posted in various places to have the students write ideas. I want one about what we are learning, one for facts and then several on a work space table. I saw these on pinterest and then found them on Amazon.

Ditching the chairs! Now in my ideal world I would want a classroom set of cool chairs. They would not all look the same because not all kiddos need the same thing to learn in. Does the traditional work for some kids probably... does the different type of chair work for every student probably not. I am working on a little bit here and there and here is what I have found and they are coming!
I also want some lap desks for the kids who don't want a chair. I am working on this piece and how I want it to look. 

Is this innovative? A little... but I think it is a step in the right direction to transform my classroom. My next steps and how these ideas work and change I will share with you.  I do not think that this work space will happen all day. It will happen part of the day. I will get to know my students and see what works for them. I am not going to be stuck in a box for my students education.