Monday, March 26, 2012

50 Followers Giveaway Yippee!

Lets see I am officially on Spring Break and loving it. But I know that I will be venturing into my classroom before the end of the week to get ready for the rest of the year. I cannot believe this year has gone so quickly. It has be a whirl wind of new colleagues, curriculum, technology and a whole new grade level. It was also the year I discovered teaching blogs and now here I am at my 50 follower giveaway! I am so excited! Here is how it will work:

With each comment make sure to leave your email address!

Follow me and comment that you do. If you already follow me please comment as well. 

Follow my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. ( I am having a sale to celebrate!) Comment that you follow me!

Now for bonus entries!

Comment twice with the web address if you blog about my giveaway. Make sure to link back!

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If you don't have Facebook or a blog ( and even if you do) answer the bonus question for an extra entry
Why is my profile blue and orange?

I will announce the winner the evening of April 2nd lets say 8:00 PMish!

Now for the prize!!!! A cute little 31 bag stuffed with fun stuff for you and your classroom.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Close Yet So Far

I am so close to Spring Break! I can't wait!!!! I love my kiddos and my job but I am ready for a break. The only thing between me and my break is conferences. Now I realize the importance of parent communication! However I feel like doing it all together is stressful!!!! Plus I always get sick so sitting and talking for hours and hours and hours never helps that!!!! Who has a conference tip to share with us to make them less shall we say painful????

 Maybe I am just cranky because of the Tebow trade or maybe I am just mad I am not going to be laying on a beach for my spring break. I think instead I will be spending time on the couch blogging and TpTing! I will also make a point to go see the Hunger Games! I am a huge book worm and loved that trilogy.

Now I am really close to a 50 follower giveaway! I mentioned before it will be a gift basket filled with goodies for you and for your classroom so please spread the word! I need four more members!!!!

I am sure I will be seeing you all again really soon! You may even get sick of me over Spring Break. Plus I am going to be a guest blogger soon too!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I have lots and lots to say! Here it goes: I have been blessed with some fun side work through Teachers Pay Teachers. I have been doing a lot of app searching, curriculum mapping, and iPad teaching even more than normal. I have posted my first one based on 4th grade Common Core in my TpT store here! I also am working on a primary math app list . If you are interested in those the first three people that comment and are interested you can leave your email and which one you want and I will send it to you. Also if you are interested in having me do this for you or your school please let me know!

My new favorite app is Rainbow Sentences! Now its a pricey one at $7.99 but it is such a good one. It definitely can be used with grades 1-3 and maybe kinder and 4th. It helps kiddos build quality sentences with all of the correct aspects of a good sentence!  

A big thanks to Barb at Its About Time Teachers for the Lovely Blog Award!

The rules for this award are to:
  1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
  2. Pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.
  3. Follow the person who sent it to you

Please check out all of these blogs! 

Feel Free to stop reading the following rant is completely not education related I just needed to share with anyone who would listen/read! 

Now on to my Denver Broncos!!!! I love LOVE Tim Tebow! I love what he does on and off the field. He isn't so bad on the eyes etc, etc. Now they tell me that Peyton Manning is the best thing that can happen to my Denver Broncos. I am not completely convinced! John Elway do not get rid of Tim!!! I feel like this born an raised die hard Bronco fan is not sure about Peyton being "the best that ever played the game." Not when he is old and injured! I will still be at every home game and still cheer in head to toe blue and orange regardless but at this point I am not convinced! I also will not forget the hope and the fun that Tebow brought to Mile High! Any other football fans feel free to weigh in! Only time will tell and win me over! 

My Husband and I Tebowing after a BIG Tebow win!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Leprechaun Traps hanging from my ceiling. 
I love St. Patrick's Day. It is a fun holiday that isn't too much pressure. My mom always made it really fun growing up too. Just like all of the other holidays it is so much fun with the first graders. Today we planned, wrote about and created our leprechaun traps. This was hilarious! The kiddos were so into it. We had so many crazy creations that they worked so hard on! The end of the day came and they didn't want to leave they were just so determined to catch that leprechaun.

I put foot prints all over the classroom and threw glitter everywhere. 
Then I filled my pot of gold for the kids which is really my Halloween witches caldron with treat bags for the kids. I love target dollar section it seems to just get better and better every time I look. Anyways I bought necklaces, rainbow candy and chocolate coins. Here is a link to the FREE leprechaun note.  

They are going to love it! I plan on showing Holiday Facts and Fun from Discovery Education and completing the rest of my St. Patrick's Day activities. 

In honor of this fun holiday I am having a sale in my TpT store. 10% off until Sunday! Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

WOW What A Week and a Freebie!

Oh how I have missed you bloggy friends! I have been sooooo busy! We have had state standardized testing and you know how that goes. Everyone has to give a little (or a lot!) I can just say I am so glad that it is almost over and life will get almost back to normal. Almost because conferences are next week! Anyways in my very limited free time I have been preparing for St. Patrick's Day in my classroom and I created a little freebie for you! It is a note from the leprechaun.  You can can download it here.

We wrote a letter to the leprechaun today to ask him to come a day early! I just think he might wink, wink! This was my cute teammates idea. The kids loved it! We are also including a fun St. Patrick's Day fact every day this week because we are in charge of the morning announcements. I love St. Patrick's Day since I am legitimately Irish my mom always made a big fuss of it when I was growing up. To get a peek at what we will be doing you can check out my activities here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Read Across America!

What a fun day we had March 2nd! I have to say Dr. Seuss Day is probably the best day we have in first grade so far! We had a wonderful day here is how it went:

We started with a parents cooking Green Eggs and Ham. We ate those with Red Fish Blue Fish Punch. With that we watched Tim Tebow read Green Eggs and Ham. (Mainly because I LOVE Tim Tebow!)

The punch is Sprite, Blue Hawaiian Punch and Swedish Fish. The Eggs were cooked on a griddle in the room with cubed ham.

Then we graphed what we thought about the green eggs and ham. 

The two that didn't like it wouldn't try it! 

Next we had a very special guest! One of my super cute room moms had a Cat in The Hat costume. She wore and came in. She read the Cat in the Hat and acted it out! She came up with that part on her own. She even used a special voice! It was amazing! Then we made Cat in the Hat Cookies. 

We made Oobleck which was a blast! The last thing we did was make truffala trees after reading the Lorax. We cut out trunks and then made pom poms for the tops. 

Read Across America was a BLAST!!! You can find all of these activities and more here.

On another note..... my followers are growing! Thanks everyone! I know it has something to do with my exciting blog weekend! Now please spread the word bloggy friends! I CANNOT wait until 50 followers! I am getting soooooo ready for a really (I MEAN REALLY) good give away! So spread the word and send your teacher friends on over!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Top Ten Blog!!!

Wowie Wow WOW!!! What a great weekend for my little blog! I love it and I am loving meeting all you bloggy friends along the way.  So yesterday I was honored with the Liebster Award and today the Top Ten Blog Award!!! A big thank you to Kelly at All That Glitters in First Grade!

Okay so this award was created to honor and encourage a new blogger! I am nominating:

Gina at A Chocoholic Teacher she has great ideas and freebies!

Rebecca at Darlin in First  super cute blog with wonderful ideas and adorable freebies!

Melissa at Dilly Dabbles she has wonderful ideas to share with primary teachers!

Melanie at First Grade Brain Sprinkles head on over to see some cute ideas!

Carly at First Grade Fabulosity great ideas and freebies. I like what she did with patterns and all the pictures she shared for inspiration!

Tammy at Forever In 1st She has wonderful ideas! I love the America Project. I will be doing the white house in my room!

Michelle at Our Sweet Success Amazing freebies! I really recommend stopping by her site and then following her TpT store too!

Lauryn at Paste and Pearls Another great teacher blog with a super cute name! I have to admit I checked out for the first time because of that cute name!

Allyson at Stickers and Stars Check out how she does her Daily Five and some other great ideas!

Teaching 4 Real She shares tons of practical and helpful ideas!

Thank you ladies and all the others out there in teaching blog land for sharing all of your ideas!

Head on over to Teaching Blog Addict for the details on the Top Ten Blog!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Liebster Award!

YIPPEE!!! I was awarded the Leibster Award! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Danielle over at Twirly Bird Teaching! Stop by and check out her blog!

I am awarding it to:

All That Glitters in First Grade Lots of great Ideas and very cute lessons! 

Confessions of a New Teacher  Read through the life and ideas of a teacher to be! 

First Grade Magic Great ideas and she just reached 100 followers! Head on over to her site for her give away! 

Life With Mrs. L  Really cute site! Cute ideas!

Glitter and Glue Check out the CUTE valentine boxes her kiddos made! 

I thought you all deserved an award!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! 

The Liebster Award is awarded to blogs with less than 200 followers, that you think deserve recognition! The award is passed along from blogger to blogger and highlights up and coming blogs. Liebe is the word for love in Germany, which is where the award originated!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Great Giveaway!

I so don't want to tell you about this because I want to win!!!! Anyways I found a great giveaway and great blog through pinterest. Head on over to Swimming Into Second and check out her 600 member giveaway! I can't wait until I am at 600 WOW!!! Anyways check it out!