Monday, September 24, 2012

itunes U

This year the majority of my courses are on iTunes U. I really like the program but it is a bunch of work.  My teammate and I share the responsibility and both plan different subject areas. I do reading and social studies.

If you are interested in seeing what we are doing you can check out my courses. You will need itunes U in order to open it. It will open on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone (if you have the iphone 5 I am jealous!)

Social Studies

If you have any questions about using this at your school or would like more info let me know!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lets Talk About iCloud

So my computer crashed and I lost everything!!!!!!!! (If you wanted my freebie sorry its gone!) I  was optimistic enough that I thought macs didn't crash. THEY DO!!!! I am cranky about it! I don't back up stuff. I know that I should but I don't. Now they have this great thing called icloud. If you haven't synced to the cloud you should. I put like five things on the cloud and guess what they are still there! GET THE CLOUD and back up. My sad sad lesson learned!

I will rise above and I will give away freebies again soon. I might even remake the other one. Other projects I was working and mentioned are you guessed it ....gone! I am currently working on a government unit. Yup government exciting stuff! If you have a fun idea about teaching government I would love to hear it! Comment below we will be working on it until the election.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday!

In between my pinterest addiction and watching football I thought I should check in! I am working on a prefix and suffix chart for my classroom and my teammates classroom. I will be putting it on tpt soon but I haven't given anything away in awhile so I thought I would offer it up. If you are interested in a freebie comment below with your email! I will give it out all week. The one pictured is my teammates and I made a football one for me. If you would rather have the football one let me know.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy New School Year!

I hope you are enjoying your new class as much as I do! I love, love, love my 3rd graders. I have 24 of them which knock on wood is my smallest class in the last five years. We are doing exciting things this year and I am really enjoying the technology once again. I will share more with you soon about what we are doing with itunes u because it is really cool. But I thought I would get back with you all because I have been gone forever! I AM ALIVE AND WELL!

I went out of town the end of July and beginning of August it lasted for 20 days. Then the very next day school started. I got wrapped into the crazy beginning of school stuff that I know you all understand. Plus I am pregnant with twins! BIG exciting news! To be honest when I get home from school and have time to sit and blog I usually fall asleep or puke and sometimes both!

Now some tech talk. I have got a few emails about where to find quality apps. I research my apps it takes forever. I download lite versions, play them and read reviews. Its pretty time consuming but I know I end up with quality apps that I like and are good for my classroom. You can check out my app lists in other posts or even more in depth on TpT. If you want help I can standard map and do more and we can work something out. However I know lots of you just want some foundations. Well turn to the ever amazing Pinterest! There are some great list of educational apps out there. Search ipads in the classroom or educational apps. There are great lists on there with quality apps.

A new fun app for your classroom or fun depending on how you want to use it. Its ifunface! It is $.99 and you can have kids create reports, read self works, find a historical picture and report its biography. Just some ideas for you. I recommend it! Plus if you aren't sure there is a lite version!

So I am back! I promise to be better they say that 2nd trimester is way easier!