Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Year So Far

This year has been unique in my career. I am at a brand new school in a brand new position and it is so busy! I am teaching both Character Education and Digital Citizenship to first through fourth graders. I see six classes a day. All of this is so different from being a part time third grade teacher.

My cart
I went from being on a cart and mostly teaching in the cafeteria to being housed in a temporary classroom. It was a learning experience being on a cart and I really want to praise the teachers that do it every day! My temporary classroom has an industrial sink and a garage door, but it is all mine! I furnished it as a flexible seating dream!
The mobile classroom.
My new digs! 

I look forward to telling you more about it and compiling resources for both character education and digital citizenship. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall In The Classroom

I recently had the opportunity to review some fun Halloween items from Oriental Trading. I received the items in exchange for my fair review.

I love teaching in fall. The students are excited about Halloween and the upcoming festivities that go with it!

First I did a fun spider craft with pipe cleaners and glow in the dark pony beads. My class loved this craft. You take four pipe cleaners and fold them in half, then you twist the top to make the head. Then you bend the legs out and add pony beads to joint the legs. The pipe cleaners are fluffy and come in a variety of colors. My classroom was not dark enough to make the pony beads glow. I did try it and a very dark room to see the glow. Your kiddos will love this scary creature and you can pair it with an informational spider text or living things science unit.

Next my class had a ton of fun doing relay races to work on team building using The Monster Spoon Game. My class worked together and encouraged each other with this fun brain break. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor recess.

Then I had my second annual learn in the dark day. The lights are turned off and students wear glow sticks as we go about our day. It is always a hit! The glow sticks are a variety of colors and last a LONG time.

After that we made some fall creations using the bright fall scrap book paper. The sky was the limit for my class as they used the paper to create. The paper was a great quality, thickness and there were several great patterns. I really liked the candy corn pattern.

The last bit of fun we had was with the flying glow in the dark aliens.  These stretchy little guys were fun to launch across the classroom. The kids loved them! They make great prizes or treats for your trick or treaters!

Oriental Trading is a great place to check out when looking for some Halloween fun for your classroom!