Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

I said it three times because thats how many giveaways I am apart of. There is a great Valentines giveaway over at http://www.teachergems.com/enter-blog.html. She is doing 3 different giveaways so head on over. I HOPE I WIN!!!!
The next one is coming up over at Carol's Garden. https://www.facebook.com/CarolsGardenonTpT I am giving away my FAVORITE RESOURCE I HAVE MADE.

The last but not least is a primary giveaway. From Jaylynn Richardson. I am giving away my top selling Career Day Unit. 

I will be back with more information when I have it! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Count Down To a Giveaway

I am thinking about a giveaway. I have had 100 followers on here for awhile and 100 in my TPT store and now I have over 50 on my Facebook. Sooo I think its time for a giveaway!!! I haven't done one in   over a year.... because I became a MOM! Here's the deal I want to know what kind of giveaway you would like to see. Do you prefer tons of TPT resources? Do you prefer gift baskets? Do you prefer gift cards? LET ME KNOW!!! Comment below with what you would like to see. Then check back because its only a matter of time before the giveaway starts.  Here is a pic of my last giveaway:

Now to the other stuff. I have not really been creating TPT resources with my extra time. I have been doing projects. One of the big ones that is coming up is my girls first birthday. We are having a big party and I am so excited. I have been planning planning PLANNING. I think it is going to be super cute. I am creating all the cute pinterest stuff for them. I will post pictures when its all said and done! 

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!! So I have also been planning a "kid friendly" Super Bowl Party. We have so many friends with super young kids and all of us want to be somewhere that welcomes/understands crying kiddos during the game. We decided to host PLUS ITS NOT EVERYDAY THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL. Do you have any suggestions on what to have on hand for a ton of little ones? Ages two and under? I am also getting some decorations together. I made this: 
If I have a super cute table and I activities I will post those too. I will leave you today with a couple of pictures that our friend took that warm my heart! 

These are my sweet girls and my sweet husband! OKAY let me know what kind of giveaway would you like to see? What suggestions do you have for a first birthday? What suggestions do you have for a kid friendly giveaway?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I am sooooo excited!!!! THE BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!To celebrate the Broncos win and trip to the Super Bowl I am doing a giveaway on my facebook page! Check it out: Teaching in Bronco Country Facebook! GOOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Showing Appreciation

Last week I blogged about showing appreciation for your staff. We needed a morale boost and I took it upon myself to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Isn't easier to get caught up in the "problem"?  This is what I came up with:

The polished teacher recipient receives a bottle of nail polish with the award. What do you think? I like it and I hope it goes over well! 

Update!!!!  Due to the overwhelming Pinterest response to this post I have added this to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can download it there for free at this link: Showing Appreciation! If you are not on TPT ( you should be!) you can download the file from google drive.  If you can't access these please comment below with you email. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

This is my first OFFICIAL week as a part time teacher. I am two days in and I absolutely love it! We found a great co-teacher. She has experience in psychology and special ed. She comes with a unique toolbox of skills! I LOVE being with my girls more and having more time at home. In the last two days though it means I caught up on laundry!

I really have been spending a lot of time on TPT in the last month or so. I am hanging out in the forums and joining giveaways. I created my Facebook page too.  One of those is a link . Head over to Late Night Coffee. There is a weekly linky!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Go Broncos! Giveaway too!

Did you hear the good news? The Broncos won! The next stop is the AFC Championship! We went to the game and had so much fun but it was cold!

Thats not the point of this post though. The point is to tell you about a giveaway I am participating in. Techie Turtle Teacher is having her 100 follower giveaway! CONGRATS to her!!! Its for primary grades so I gave my top selling item My Career Days Mini Unit! Head on over to participate in the giveaway!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Lemonade Type of Day

Today was very lemony, you know life gives you lemons.... I really feel like I made lemonade. There was DRAMA! People were unhappy, it has been that way for awhile and rumors were flying.

I decided to be proactive! I tried to come up with some ways to fix the problem.

Long story short I need some team building ideas!!!

What does your school do to build morale?

Comment below and please help!

I hope when you have lemony days that you will find it in yourself to make lemonade.  Looking back on today I really like lemonade!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Flash Back!

I have been working on improving my TPT store these days. I came across this gem tonight. It is an extremely comprehensive unit for primary research. What is the topic you ask? The SLOTH! A whole unit with rubrics, assessment and a culminating activity all about the sloth! I didn't pick it, my cooperating teacher did. Thats right folks this bad boy is from student teaching. I worked my little tail off on this one. I just had to share! 

 Here are some close ups. They are adorable! 
That tree! I stayed until 7pm while student teaching to make the "layers of the rainforest" and that beautiful river thats the Amazon folks! I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me! If you love it and can't live without it you can find it HERE!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I know I am breaking a blogging rule a double post!!! Here is the reason why:

I love Teeny Tiny Teacher! She cracks me up!!! However her latest post was about one of her students and the struggles he is going through.

Here is the link to the product: For the Love of Jon Fundraiser

Here is a link to her post. I thought if I blogged I could do my small part to help! 


I am really excited right now! I have figured out some things and I had to share it with my blog family! 

First I am finally on Facebook! After spending a lot ( and I MEAN A LOT) of time on the Teacher Pay Teacher Forums I decided my little store and little blog needed a Facebook Page. I have already shared a couple of posts! SO EXCITED!!!! Like a kid in a candy store I am not sure why but I love that I feel like my skills and my little business are growing! My Facebook Page

THEN GUESS WHAT???? I figured out how to bundle and bundled my first product! I am thrilled that this is something I now know how to do! I am so excited I can't wait to bundle and share EVERYTHING!!!!  Here is my very first bundle!

I wanted to share these adorable book reports my kiddos created! 

These crafty coke bottle characters are part of my Choose Your Own Book Report.  I just had to share their hard work! 

I will return to work tomorrow and I am excited for what the new year has to offer! I hope you all have a great day back!