Monday, April 3, 2017

Moana Birthday Party

Every once in awhile it is neat to see the blogger behind their blog. Today I am going to give you a peek into my family and our recent 4th birthday party. Throwing parties is definitely something I enjoy doing!

My girls love Moana and we were looking for a birthday party theme that would appeal to girls and to boys. Thats when we decided to do a Moana party.  The catch is that Moana has not been marketed like other Disney Princesses and there is not much out there in the way of party supplies. Thats where Oriental Trading came in with some great "Moana" themed party decorations. I was given the decorations in exchange for an honest review of them.

We did the best to set up an island feel in March in Colorado! Here are some of those accents.

We asked everyone to dress in island themed clothes but just incase we gave everyone flowers or shells when they came in. They were a hit!
Moana flower selfie with one of the birthday girls. 

We tried for island themed treats too. No Moana themed party would be complete without coconuts and a party full of young kids needed drinks with lids. Oriental Trading had the perfect coconut cups. 
One of the birthday girls enjoying her coconut cup. 
 We had a ton of fun! We had face painting, a piñata and a special guest, Moana! We filled the piñata with some great non- food goodies and candy too!

Everyone left with their own small beach balls too! The kids loved them! 

Thank you to Oriental Trading for making my girl's birthday extra special! I have included a few of my other favorite pictures below!

Make sure to checkout Oriental Trading for all of your party needs! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom

I was given the opportunity to review these products in exchange for my honest review of them.

I love to celebrate holidays in the classroom. St. Patrick's Day is always a fun one! My students love to wear green because they usually have to wear a uniform. Plus it is always fun to throw glitter everywhere and trash the classroom because of that sneaky leprechaun.

This year my leprechaun is bringing some great treasures thanks to Oriental Trading . I love all of the cute gold coins and even the edible spray painted Oreos that I did that year but, this year I have so many food allergies I went food free.

To start I found rainbow crayons! The kids will love drawing rainbow pictures. The crayons are bright, colorful and a good consistency. They held up well as I colored and did not crumble. If you hold them straight up and down you get all of the colors together. If you hold them on the sides you can use the outer colors.

Next we used shamrock shaped scratchers. The students will love scratching off the black to reveal the  rainbow colored design underneath. They come with a string to hang them and a scratch pen. The scratch pen has two different sides so the design can have different shapes. 

Then everyone will receive green plastic beads. They come in multiple shades of green and the students can wear them with their green clothes. 

I even hung up some shamrock shaped lights. My students love these! I hung them around my temporary white board and it looks so cute! (Please excuse my terrible white board!!!) 

If you're looking for some great treasures and decorations for St. Patrick's Day in your classroom, I recommend that you check out Oriental Trading. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cheap "Doc Cam" Stand

I work with some very talented people but I have to credit my coworkers brother for this one! PVC pipe doc cam stand. You simply lay your ipad on the stand and work underneath it. The iPads camera app will zoom for you and you can even record it for those kiddos who missed!

To make this you need glue and a PVC pipe. The cost for materials was around $7.00. The cheapest I could find online was $80!


Do you have any cheap tech tips? I would love to hear them and I will keep sharing mine as I find them! I hope you found these last three posts helpful! 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cheap Sound Booth

Here is another cheap high tech idea! Sound booths made out of boxes and mattress foam. I love having my kids create videos to show their learning but when 30 kids are recording it gets noisy so our Apple Education Rep gave me the idea to create sound boxes. My initial idea was a large box you could stand in. It seemed like it would be hard to store in my already crowded tiny classroom. So I made smaller sound boxes for a really reasonable price!

You will need boxes big enough to have the iPad stand in (I had several sturdy moving boxes given to me.) packing tape, hot glue and mattress foam or sound panels (I also had several of these given to me.) I found brand new mattress foam at Goodwill (They have so much new stuff donated from Target!!!!)

Tape the box together and then measure out your foam sides. Hot glue those in and you are in sound booth business! I added some contact paper I already had to a couple of them. I made eight sound booths with the out of pocket cost to me being $18.99.
Your students just lean in to record their sound. It is crazy how much sound these drown out! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cheap Green Screen

This year I am all about high tech lessons on a tiny budget. One of these is my cheap green screen and the fun we have had with it.  I grabbed some bright green fabric from Hobby Lobby and used the 40% off coupon for extra savings. It cost around $20 for five yards.  I have had my students use it a couple of times so far this year. Once for Halloween when they laid on it so they could do any pose and once for our holiday open house. For the second project they used props and made winter scenes.

We are an iPad school so we used instant alpha in keynote to create our pictures. Here is the how to video I made for the open house.

Here is my own green screen pictures! 

By using a native app to create the photos and cheap fabric you have a green screen for around $20 (minus the cost of the iPads HA!) If you want something even cheaper you can do instant alpha on a blank wall or butcher paper.