Sunday, April 24, 2016

Super Power Through The End Of The Year

It is hard to believe this year is almost over! I have four weeks left! How about you? The end of the year can be a trying time because everyone is ready for break. It can also be a ton of fun! Hopefully this hop will give you some great tips to finish out this year strong like a super hero!

Between the field trips and parties at the end of the year I manage to fit in some great activities too. I am explaining them below and make sure to read to the end for a temporary freebie and a chance to win $50 to TpT and $50 to Target!

Class Garage Sale
This is one of my favorite activities all year and the students love it too! 

  • After spring break use classroom money to reinforce positive behavior. If you already use a monetary system have students save up after this point. 
  • Students bring in items from home to “sell”. They should already be priced. Most items are things that they would like to get rid of. Sometimes I have students sell bake goods. It is really up to them.
  • Send home the a parent letter before your scheduled garage sale. 
  • Have some extra price tags on hand just incase. 
  • The teacher is the cashier and the students can work on math skills as they purchase items. 
  • I recommend giving the students time to set up their items, pre-shop, purchase items and then play. This can use up a couple of hours if you need it to.
 Letters to the Class

  • Practice letter writing skills while making a fun keepsake. 
  • Every student is required to write a friendly letter to each classmate. This can be about a favorite memory or a complement. You may want to require a certain number of sentences. 
  • Allow students time to decorate the cover of their letter writing journal.
  • Find a spot to keep the letter writing journals in the classroom so the other students can access them to write in. 
  • I make my own journal too the kids love to write their teacher and always leave the sweetest notes. 
  • Make time to write a letter to each student. 
  • When a student finishes writing the whole class. I allow them to write their favorite celebrity. 
Board Game Day
This one is fun, super easy and always a good time. 
  • Provide several student friendly board games for the students to play. 
  • Students may bring in their favorite board games from home. 
  • I usually do this before our end of the year party. 
  • Board games go home at the end of the day.
  • This easy day gives the teacher extra time to wrap up all of the end of the year stuff. 
Class Talent Show

Turn your class into America’s Got Talent!
  • Hold a talent show in your class 
  • Students can showcase any talent that is school appropriate
  • The teacher should approve all acts
  • Classmates can vote and give awards
  • Or students can just perform for fun so no ones feelings get hurt. 
  • Allow them to prepare ahead of time and practice at home. 
  • They should bring in all items needed to perform. 
Letters to Next Year’s Class
  • Students write advice to the next years class in the form of a letter. 
  • This practices letter writing skills and is a lot of fun. 
  • Students write down memories and advice to give
  • Read the letters to the new class through out the first week of school. 

You can grab templates and parent letter for all of the above activities in my TpT store! It is temporarily free. (4/24-4/26) 

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My hop letter is A! Now hop on over to Enchanting Elementary to see what Super Hero Tips she has for the end of the year.


  1. Love the garage sale idea! So fun!!

  2. A class talent show is such a great way to end the year. Love it!!!

  3. I love the garage sale AND board game day- that's something fun and easy and will definitely allow me some extra clean up time ;)

    Thank you for participating in the hop!

    Cait's Cool School

  4. I had a teacher next door do the garage sale idea. So awesome! The kids had so much fun! Great ideas. Thank you!

  5. Awesome ideas! Loved reading it!

  6. I really enjoyed reading about the class journals. What a wonderful keepsake for each student from their classmates to remember the year by.

    Sugar Cube Learning

  7. I really enjoyed reading about the class journals. What a wonderful keepsake for each student from their classmates to remember the year by.

    Sugar Cube Learning

  8. You shared such great ideas! I love the idea of the letters to each student.