Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Are you on bloglovin? I just started and I am hoping it is a great place to connect and find more great teachers! I will have to get back to you about how I like it! But in the mean time:

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

High and Lows of My Week


It has been great getting back to school and having fun with everyone! I feel like I have a bunch accomplished and things are going to be ready for the first day of school this Wednesday!

THE GIANT SALE at Michaels. We all know how expensive back to school is. Michaels is practically giving away half of the store. That made me feel so much better about spending my money. I spent it yes but it was not very much and on great things!

I finally got to present the new character ed program to our school! I have been working with a team all summer to get it together!

It feels so good to have it done and shown to the staff! 


I worked part time last year doing a job share. My co-teacher took a full time position and I could not be happier for her. Its perfect for her! However after a summer of looking for someone we still don't have someone to take her place. That means until we do I will be working full time. PLEASE PRAY that we find someone! Maybe you know someone near Southeast Denver that wants to teach part time?

Being away from my girls. I went part time so I could spend time with my sweet twin girls. This week I worked crazy hours not leaving before 5:30 once and most days way later. I missed my girls so much. I love LOVE my job but I really need to find someone for part time so I can spend time with my girls.   

Do you want to share your highs and lows? Link up at a First For Everything! 

A Very Curious Class Giveaway!

As you can tell from my recent posts I am so into the giveaway season. Maybe if I am really lucky the rafflecopter will finally smile in my favor! This is the perfect opportunity for just that!

A Very Curious Class is celebrating 100 followers! WHOOOHOOO because we get to benefit from her milestone! She is having two, thats right TWO giveaways right now! Head on over to check it out! GiVEAWAY. She is giving away fun school supplies at the perfect time of year!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Ready!!!

I think that I have said it about a million times, but I am so excited for this school year. Last year was a learning year full of life events and school events. I am more than excited for the changes and GREAT things that will be happening this year!

We have had some fun trainings and some really really boring ones!

Yesterday we had an awesome team building scavenger hunt to explore the new things at our school and for us to get to know the new staff. ( we added a ton of new positions) Here are a few pictures of us trying to figure out the scavenger hunt.

Of course we WON!!!! We ran through the building and did not worry about who was in our way!

Then the boring stuff happened so I kept myself busy. Here are some of my projects from yesterday!

 Thanks to we Plead the 5th for these cute designs! These are going to go in the teacher's lounge. Because its really boring in there.



TA  DA!!!!! 
I made "curtains" for the cafeteria. It wasn't the original plan for my craft but my teammate suggested it and the principal said go for it! 

Today is my training!!!!!!!!!! I am working with my great behavior team and we are presenting our new character trait training! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School Survey!

I am officially back to school tomorrow. I am very excited about this new year and the positive changes that will be taking place. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite back to school items. Over the past several years I used a variety of pre made forms to get all of the information that I needed from parents. Last year I finally compiled it all into one document. Its perfect for my class! Maybe its perfect for yours!!!??? You can check it out here!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giveaway Groupie Link Up!

I will admit I have been a huge giveaway groupie lately! You will notice from my blog posts that I just can't help myself to a good giveaway! Well I found this cute little link up and it seemed perfect for me!!!!!

This super fun linky is hosted by Hardcore Teacher Resources. You can link up here!

Here is mine!!!!

Give an Idea: 

No name tags on your student's desks. I hate the way name tags look about two weeks into school. I have tried all of the tricks but it doesn't matter! They get ruined and I just can't stand it! So one of my coworkers suggested using Sharpie Paint Pens. So I did and no name tag mess! They are easy to remove with a Mr. Clean Eraser or nail polish remover. 

Give Some Love:

I chose to show some love to my CO teacher bloggers. I was invited to a meet up this past week by I Love First Grade and The Craft of Teaching.  There I totally geeked out to Teaching With a Mountian View  (because I love her stuff!) I met a couple of brand new teacher bloggers Big Hair and Big Ideas and Janet Burgeson. I also got to meet Pamela Kranz from Desktop Learning Adventures, Mrs. P's Special Education Classroom and Learin Books. It was so much fun to meet with these ladies and something totally out of my comfort zone, but I am glad that I did!!!! 

Give Me A Break: 

Okay sing it with me: " No Drama No No No Drama No Drama!" If you have read some of my older posts you know last year was not my favorite year at my sweet, wonderful, best place I have ever worked school. There was so much drama! I just wanted to yell " WE ARE ADULTS SO STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING TO FIX IT!!!!" We are adults we should not be acting like   a character on Mean Girls. So heres to this year! I am sooooooo excited about what is to come. 

GIVEAWAY!!!!! : 

Here it is some of my favorite things to giveaway just for you!!!! I am obsessed with some of these things.

Regis Sculpting Mud: I have CRAZY thick wavy (only enough for it to be impossible to do and not enough for it to look good) hair! So I love my hair products, I think you will like this one too. Plus it smells so good! 

Note Pad: This cute as can be note pad is perfect for writing notes, hall passes and reminders. Its from one of my favorite stores World Market!

Lip Balm/Gloss: LOVE AND TOAST is local (Denver, CO) and organic so I love it. Plus I am pretty much obsessed with lip balm/gloss and I love it even more when it smells/tastes good!!!! 

Earrings: I love LoVe LOVE accessorizing! I especially love earrings. I almost never go without them because I just feel like they make me prettier ;)!!!

$10.00 For you to spend in my TPT store!!!! WHOHOOOO Stock up for the new school year!!!! Check it out here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Another Great Giveaway!

I have come across another great giveaway! Head on over to Primary Chalkboard and enter! This giveaway is going on for 4 more days so you still have time!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Cutest Giveaway!!!

I have been trying to get back into blogging and all the social networking now that my girl are a little older and more self contained. Plus it is a LOT  of fun and makes me a better teacher. Well while I was doing that I came across this adorable giveaway!!!!!! Its from and its a giveaway just for teachers not just for our classroom! Check it out!!!!!

great giveaway!!!!

Head on over and enter its on through today!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CO TPT Meet Up!

I spent the afternoon meeting so great CO teacher bloggers and TPTers. I have not done anything like it before. I am glad I did it! I hope to do it again in the future!!!! I learned a few things and I was thrilled to hear people have heard of me and my blog!!!!!

I look forward to meeting with these ladies again soon!