Monday, June 18, 2012

Football Freebie!

Hello bloggy friends! I know I have been quiet for awhile (its summer) however I am back today with a freebie! I am working on changing my room theme to Denver Broncos. I will be using Whole Brain Teaching in my class again this year. If you don't know about Whole Brain Teaching you should check it out this summer. You can find information about it here. Anyways I had to make my rules match my theme and I didn't feel like I could charge for it since its not my own program. So if you want to check it out you can download it here! Let me know what you think! I am currently working on getting the theme underway and I will have the whole classroom set available soon.

I even went in today and started decorating my classroom. I found some great football stuff in the party section at dollar tree and I feel like it was the best deal ever! Here is a picture of what I started today! I didn't get much done but hey its summer!

I will be back soon with more football pictures! 

If you are interested in items for a Smart Cookie classroom theme let me know I have a bunch and we could work out a deal! I even have t-shirts and pencils to go with it!

Also I was wondering if there is away to change my blogs name with out having to start from scratch! I don't want to lose my content and followers! Is there a way? Let me know!!! PLEASE! 

Happy Summer!

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