Thursday, November 7, 2013


I have been part of TPT for a really long time well about six years. So I have been going through my store and improving my older items, the ones that I made before cool fonts, cute clip art and common core standards. So I REVAMPED several items. I am hoping that my previous buyers will be happy with the changes and the potential buyers will come running!

I have been revamping my teaching as well. I have had an interesting school year to say the least. Learning common core, learning a new curriculum, and juggling being a new mom. Plus this group of kiddos is challenging but I love them! I had many of them when I was teaching first grade two years ago. We make A TON OF anchor charts. Soooo I am now OBSESSED with giant post its! Its my new favorite thing.......... Have you used them?

I have to write on them as well so I have been using smelly markers which the kids love!!! Scentos are my favorite!

What are some of your new favorite things?

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