Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Luau Classroom

Did you know May is National Luau Month (Its hard to believe thats a thing.) Well I am switching my room theme just in time! Although a little piece of me died inside as I took down the Broncos stuff, I am pretty excited about how the Luau is turning out. I wanted to do the switch before the end of the school year because the last thing I want to do when I come back to school in August is add another thing to my plate. Here are some pictures of my "new" room:

For my teacher assistant. I have one student per day as my teacher helper. I do this instead of my classroom jobs. 

My behavior chart. My favorite thing is the tiny surf boards for clips. 

One of the teachers at my school was cleaning out her house and gave me all of this great Luau stuff. Like most teachers I am a pack rat and could not turn down free stuff.

You can buy this classroom pack from my TpT store. It is over 100 pages to turn your classroom into a Luau.

What is your room theme for next year? Comment below! 

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