Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter Goodies

I love Christmas and all of the holiday school chaos that leads up to it! I love to decorate my home and my classroom. I also love to give a gift to each student. This year it was a little bit harder because I see 200 kids per day. Thats where Oriental Trading Company comes in.

I found some great items on Oriental Trading to use in my classroom and at home!

This year we did a winter themed door decorating contest. I used some icicles from Oriental Trading to trim the top of the door.

Next I found some great winter themed toys. These were great because they were reasonably priced and not tied to a specific holiday. I used them at home to stuff our advent calendar.

I stuck notes in the pockets that were not large enough to hold the bigger prizes and kept those in a basket. My girls are loving them!

I also stocked my prize bin with winter themed prizes at school. I also plan to give each of my students a prize at the end of the week for Christmas. If you are looking for some great winter themed toys then you should check out Oriental Trading. 

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