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Hi! I am Ashley and I am so glad that you stopped by to check out my blog. I love LoVe LOVE the teaching blog universe and I love to get and give ideas from it! 

I am a 3rd grade teacher and I love it! I have been teaching for eight years. I work in an awesome little school in the middle of no where. Its a tiny town about 45 minutes outside of Denver. If you don't think of farmers and tractors when you think of Colorado, I don't blame you....... but they are there and thats where I teach! 

I cannot brag enough about my little school. I have been here for four years! This school is technology centered (which I love!!!!) Each student has an iPad on which they complete their lessons. (YES!!!! We do use paper and pencil!) We also have a brand new digital curriculum called Pearson Forward.  Teaching here in this small community allows the teachers and families to connect in a way that I have not seen before! I love it here. We have a remarkable staff too! I love it!!!!!

When I am not teaching I am a wife and a mom. Being a mom is my favorite thing! I have twin toddlers ( Lexi and Lili) that keep me busy and blessed! I love to read, cook and explore the digital teaching world through blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers. I also feel like it goes with out saying but I am a diehard Denver Broncos fan! 

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  1. I am also very jealous of your 1:1 classroom. It would be so nice for this to happen in my district, but our wifi is horrendous and won't be fixed anytime soon. I am trying to get Chromebooks for my classroom, but it's proving to be very difficult for sure. Does every classroom have 1:1 iPads?