Wednesday, January 18, 2012

QR Codes

The most exciting thing that has happened in my instruction this past week has been learning about QR codes!

Now I learned about these when I got my iPhone. Then I learned about using them in instruction at TIE which is Colorado's Technology in Education conference.  I attended this conference in June. The idea of using these has been in the back of my mind since. 

Last week my principal sent us a link about how to get started. Now they are appearing all over our school and all over MY classroom. 

Here is how to get started:

Check out this application on the App Store:
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I am not affiliated with this app. It is just a good one. 

Now create your own QR codes:

I recommend you visit this site:

1. Choose your type of media.

2. Upload the file.

3. Press generate.

4. Save your QR Code as an image. ( I recommend naming them for what they are used for because they look so similar.)

Now you are set to insert them on assignments, around your classroom as directions or in your newsletter. 

As I mentioned before all of my kiddos have iPads so it is easy for them to get the information. I have had this knowledge about a week and this is what I have done:

 I have youtube videos linked to my centers for directions.

I have the QR code for the class website and volunteer website on my weekly newsletter and posted outside my door. 

My next step is to create directions and links to insert in my assignments. 

Here are a couple of examples that I have made:

If you have this technology available its great! It may just be helpful in your classroom to send it home for parents. I can't wait to create even more. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them leave your comment below!

Check out how this teacher uses QR codes: QR Codes in the classroom


  1. I just downloaded this app!! It is great!!

    Do you have anymore advice about starting a tpt store? Is there any cons? Thanks so much!! Hope you are having a great week!! I hope you have a wonderful spring break!!


  2. Hey!

    TpT - I think that you should put up some of the cute stuff you have on your blog. Its stuff that you have already made and people will like them. I don't think there is a con. You are making some extra money. Even before I actually started trying to really do it I was making a few buck here and there! I recommend listing your services too under that tab and checking what people are looking for to pick up some extra business! I think that you get better over time! List what you have and don't be discouraged a little extra money is better than none!