Monday, December 9, 2013

Job Sharing on the Brain

Hey Blog Buddies! 

I would like to pick your brain about job sharing. I am planning on job sharing after the first of the year and I can't wait. My principal has approved it but now we are mapping out the details. 

Have you done it? How did it work for you? 

I love that my school is willing to do do this for me! Another thing I love about my school is that we celebrate Christmas. I know that it is not done at many schools but mine does. We have trees in our rooms and decorations in the halls. 

We are doing a craft I found on pinterest for our parents. They are turning out great. The wrapping idea was from this link. The project itself is from this link. I combined a couple of ideas. The kids are loving this project! Here is an example of our work.  

We are also participating in the Hour of Code activities this week. It is pretty easy to implement since we have 1 iPad to 1 student.  Here is what we are doing:

We are using the following apps: 

 Light-Bot lite
- Hopscotch
-Cargo Bot
-Daisy the Dino

I have been utilizing the website as well because coding is not something I am familiar with. The students loved doing this today and they can't wait for the rest of the week. 

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