Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about this new year! The time is ticking away until 2014 and I do have to say 2013 was my best ever! We have been truly blessed this year!

My biggest blessing would be my two girls. I started 2013 on bed rest and was really worried about the health of my girls. But, God is good and we had healthy babies right on time. They continue to bring me pure joy everyday.
I took this for our Christmas card.

We were also very blessed with my husbands job. He had a wonderful year and was able to provide for our new little family. 

I will start job sharing in 2014. I believe it is the right choice for my family. I love to teach and I don't want to give it up so I am very excited for the opportunity to teach part time! I hope that 2013 was a great one for you and that you will be equally blessed in 2014!!! 

Please continue to check back in 2014. I think I may just have a little more time on my hands and I have really been working on improving my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I look forward to a great year!

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