Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Count Down To a Giveaway

I am thinking about a giveaway. I have had 100 followers on here for awhile and 100 in my TPT store and now I have over 50 on my Facebook. Sooo I think its time for a giveaway!!! I haven't done one in   over a year.... because I became a MOM! Here's the deal I want to know what kind of giveaway you would like to see. Do you prefer tons of TPT resources? Do you prefer gift baskets? Do you prefer gift cards? LET ME KNOW!!! Comment below with what you would like to see. Then check back because its only a matter of time before the giveaway starts.  Here is a pic of my last giveaway:

Now to the other stuff. I have not really been creating TPT resources with my extra time. I have been doing projects. One of the big ones that is coming up is my girls first birthday. We are having a big party and I am so excited. I have been planning planning PLANNING. I think it is going to be super cute. I am creating all the cute pinterest stuff for them. I will post pictures when its all said and done! 

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!! So I have also been planning a "kid friendly" Super Bowl Party. We have so many friends with super young kids and all of us want to be somewhere that welcomes/understands crying kiddos during the game. We decided to host PLUS ITS NOT EVERYDAY THE BRONCOS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL. Do you have any suggestions on what to have on hand for a ton of little ones? Ages two and under? I am also getting some decorations together. I made this: 
If I have a super cute table and I activities I will post those too. I will leave you today with a couple of pictures that our friend took that warm my heart! 

These are my sweet girls and my sweet husband! OKAY let me know what kind of giveaway would you like to see? What suggestions do you have for a first birthday? What suggestions do you have for a kid friendly giveaway?

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