Monday, November 3, 2014

Holiday Treats

Its that time of year again! The holiday hustle and bustle is starting. You can almost feel the anticipation of the students for their Christmas Break (We call it Christmas Break at my school!) However there is a ton to fit in and think about between now and Christmas Break. I love giving gifts and this is a perfect time and way to show others you appreciate them.

One of my favorite things to do is to pick a fun craft to do with my class and even my two kiddos at home. I usually try to find a new project each year. The past two years I have done an ornament. Last year we swirled paint and glitter inside them. I really didn't love how they turned out but they weren't an official Pinterest fail. The main problem was the amount of paint the students used.

The year before turned out a lot better with the reindeer thumb print project. Some students even added a red pom pom nose and goggly eyes. 

We wrapped those in a brown paper bag and tied the pipe cleaner snowflake on them.

Then we practiced our letter writing skills by making cards and writing letters to our loved ones. 

I also love giving gifts to those around me that I love and appreciate. Last year I made this cute craft with my girls. 

What did we do before Pinterest? 

Now on to adult gifts! I love me some secret santa! However not everyone does and there is some organizing and preparation to it. So my school started a You've got Socked. The "sock" floats around the school the month of December. It was really the inspiration for My You've Been Mugged! There is a TON of cute You've Been items floating around online but I wanted to share another creation with you! Grab them here!

For me there is always people I want to give some kind of gift to at school ( and home) but it can be hard ( and expensive and time consuming) to find just the right thing for each person. Thats where treat. comes in! This super cute company by Shutterfly allows you to customize cards and gifts for your loved ones! How fun would a cute picture of their kiddo be for room parents? Or a silly pic with a colleague? Here is a few I created for the fall and winter holidays. I know my parents and my mother-in-law will love them! 

There are so many great templates for every occasion and they are super customizable!

The insides! You can even add a picture.


The back of the card. 

You can even add a gift card to TONS of great places as you design your card! If you want it to be sent directly to the person you can or it can be sent to you. Its so easy! 

How are you going to celebrate the holidays in your classroom? Do you do any great crafts I should know about? Please comment below! 


  1. Hey there! We are finishing up our letters. I plan to mail them Friday. Yay! In the meanwhile, you're my sole nominee for the Liebster. I know you're not exactly new, but I really want to read your responses and link up with other blogs you like. :-)

    1. We can't wait for the letters! I have already done the Liebster award. Can you do it more than once?