Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best Sharpener Ever!

I have blogged about this awesome product before but I have to share again! If you haven't checked out Classroom Friendly Supplies you need to. I still can't believe how well it works! I was sitting in class when one of those moments came up... you know the one where EVERYONE needed to sharpen their pencils. My students could not stop talking about how great the sharpener was. True story I had 16 third graders going on and on about it.

Not only is their product WONDERFUL but this company is too. They have so many wonderful opportunities for teachers. You can partner with them for a giveaway, you can review their products and they were even generous enough to donate to our blogger meet up.

You need to check them out! I have a blue one in my classroom and I am thinking about getting the cute car for home.
What are you waiting for? Grab one for your classroom! Head over now. 

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