Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fight For Your Write

I love using technology in my classroom. I love technology period! However in a world where my two year olds know how to use an iPhone it is important to still focus on and teach fundamentals. That's where Fight For Your Write comes in. BIC believes that fundamentals are important too, like teaching handwriting in schools. I have taught at three schools only my current school focuses on writing cursive. I remember how excited I was to learn to write cursive. Kids need to learn how to type and be technology literate but they also need to learn how to properly write throughout school.

Visit the site and look at the great resources and facts to support the importance of teaching writing. Here are some of the interesting facts.

If you like what you see and support it you can even sign the petition. Not only does BIC create some of my go to school supplies but they also want students to succeed! 

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