Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Teaching Fun

Oriental trading gave me these products in exchange for an honest review of them. I was not compensated to write this post. 

I love the little bits of fall you can bring into the classroom! My class and I had so much fun using these products! Here is how I turned some fall fun into an educational experience.

We started with this giant hairy spider and I named him Anansi. Traditional tales are one of our standards and Anansi makes his way into our curriculum several times throughout the year. So I had to have him in my room! The students loved having this giant hairy guy in the classroom and I look forward to using him year after year.

Next I used these giant cut out pumpkins several different ways. I used a few of them to decorate my door. Then we starting growing a vocabulary pumpkin patch. Next we used them for our monster scramble which I will explain more about later. The various sizes of these pumpkins allowed me to use them several ways and they are sturdy enough that I can use them next year too!

How cute are these monster glasses? I think they might be my favorite item on this post. I gave a pair to each student and they completed the Monster Scramble by reading the room with the glasses. The kids liked using them and had a ton of fun completing the task. I do have to say the 3rd grades tore them apart by the end of the day so they are not indestructible. My two year olds at home did not manage to break them. I guess third graders are harder on things than two year olds which is hard to believe. These glasses are so cute and fun that I would get them again.

Next we created these Funny Halloween Faces . The students were able to create a face and then write about it. The project turned out so cute and the kids loved it! I recommend these for a fun and easy craft!

Last we used these Spooky Finger Eye Rings to help us track while we are reading. The kiddos have been loving using these rings in reading groups. I like the funny eyes and they are very sturdy. I think they would hold up for reading groups all year.

Head over to Oriental Trading to add some fun to your fall teaching!

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