Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pets in the Classroom

If you had asked me three years ago I would have said I WANT a classroom pet. I really did but I did not want to fund them or add another thing to my plate. Then I took the plunge and got relatively easy frogs. They DIED I did everything I was supposed to and they still DIED. There were a lot of tears and I was bummed that they didn't last through the year.

Fast forward to now .... Sara  from Mrs.P's Special Education Classroom told me about Pet's In The Classroom. This grant program helps you fund a classroom pet. There was a simple grant application to fill out. I had to determine the right pet for our classroom. My co-teacher said nothing with fur and I said no live food. That left us with fish. There are several options for pets and even a few options for fish. We went with Glo-Fish I thought the bright colors would totally fit in with our Hawaiian classroom.

The students could not have been more excited and I was too! I was thrilled I could have something really neat in the classroom and not have to pay for it all out of pocket. The animals are discounted and the habitat is free! I love the fish tank we have created. The students love watching them too!

Pets in the classroom is currently holding contest to for the grant winners. Please support our classroom by voting at this link  anytime between now and December 10, 2015. 

If you are like me and want a pet in your classroom you should check out this great grant program.

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