Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Integrating Technology

I easily get caught up with all the requirements of what I have to teach. I also stress over what my class is actually capable of doing. This group is very energetic and easily distracted by well anything! Part of the reason I love my school is the 1to1 iPad integration. We have used iPads for the last five years. In this time we have had a variety of successes and areas to grow.  I am at the point in the year with my kiddos that using the technology is helping them blossom! I really feel that it took this long to get to a good point to roll these projects out. I really think it depends on the group on when you can start turning the reigns over.

One of my favorite tools to teach with is iMovie. There are several programs out there now like Prezi and PowToon but I really like using iMove and the students LOVE it. The final products that they are turning in are wonderful. They are creating iMovies with very little help from me.  I instructed how to use the technology and then made a reminder anchor chart.

The first project was simple. I said become an expert on a founding father and create an iMovie about it. It needs to be at least one minute long but no longer than five minutes. The kids did excellent and I gave a few pointers on how to improve.

Their next project is to share the information that they found in their Animal Research.  These iMovies are wonderful and creative.

Our next steps are to work on our Passion Projects utilizing technology. We will be blogging, creating presentations and 3D printing.

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