Sunday, April 3, 2016

Making Learning Fun

School should be fun because kids should be allowed to be kids. How can we as teachers accomplish all that we need to but still make learning fun? I have a couple cheap and easy ways that have been successful in my classroom. 

Take the lesson outside! Do you have a spot at your school that you can take your kids outside? The soccer field is a perfect spot if it's not during recess.

Turn of the lights and put the blinds down  and pass out glow sticks. Have your lesson in the "dark". If your classroom is like mine it is never completely dark and gives plenty of light to learn with even with the lights off. Glow sticks are a hit and they are super reasonable. I found 20 for a $1.00 at Dollar Tree. 

Say it with chalk! Do you need to check for understanding? Take you class out to the side walk and hand them a piece of chalk. You can check their work as you go. 

I hope you find these ideas useful in your classroom! How do you make learning fun in your classroom? 

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