Saturday, May 21, 2016

C Jayne Teach

I have been admiring C.Jayne Teach for a long time. I have been debating if I needed a Teacher Anchor and all of the other cute stuff (I determined I did).Her beautiful website is so enticing I had a hard time narrowing down what to get. I really wanted a Teacher Anchor but I will be at a new school with a new position so I am not sure what the lesson plans will look like. Instead I ordered stuff I know I can use! I ordered a customized clipboard and custom notes. I am thrilled with how they turned out and they came super quick. The patterns and color choices are another enticing detail. I love that the products are customized. Take a look at what I got!

Find out more about C.Jayne Teach on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for her newsletter. Go grab your own! It would be a great end of the year gift for a coworker or a fun order to start your new year with. 

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