Thursday, August 18, 2016

Happy Back To School

I hope you had a fantastic summer. I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. I was soaking up summer. I haven't done a thing to get ready for the school year because I am opening a new school and it's still under construction. That means I can't set up my classroom. Guess what? I don't even have a classroom this year. I will be on a mobile cart this year. I will blog and share pictures of that as it comes along. I ordered my cart and look forward to getting it ready. It's a lot smaller than a whole classroom and there are very few Pinterest expectations for it! 

I am looking forward to this year, a new school and a whole new position. This year I will be teaching two things, character education and digital citizenship. I am so excited about my curriculum and you can use it too....guess what? most of it is FREE! 

I will be teaching digital citizenship using Conmon Sense you NEED to check it out! There are so many components to it. If you are a parent I recommend checking it out too. For teachers you can use the free resources and lessons to teach digital citizenship I your classroom. It has lessons about choosing good sources for research, safely using the internet, and leaving a digital foot print. You can become a Common Sense certified teacher. It's four hours of videos broken down into four sections. You receive a certificate at the end and BAM four FREE hours of professional development credit! (You're welcome!)

For character education I am using the Be Kind People Project. This character education program teaches character by incorporating dance and core subjects. They ask each student to pledge to Be Kind. You can sign up for Be Kind Breaks ( for FREE!) these fun breaks teach the character trait of the month. This month is be supportive! You can purchase great supplements and quarterly kindness packs. You can even have them come for an assembly! (My fingers are crossed for that!) 

My principal challenged to come up with our headline for the school year. I want mine to be The Kindest School! I am hoping for a school that accepts everyone, embraces everyone's strengths and has no bullying issues! My school is unique and I feel like it is going to be truly amazing. I will share pieces throughout the year. I am so thankful that my teaching journey has led me here I also feel each step equipped me for this roll. 

Happy back to school and I hope you find these free resources useful in your classroom! 

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