Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stocking Stuffers and More

It is hard to believe that Christmas is quickly approaching. It is time to find great gifts for the kiddos in your life! I love to give gifts that lead to an activity rather than add to the toy pile. Kwix Sticks are one great gift idea. I love them and you can read about the ways I have used them in my classroom and at home HERE.  You can find the new colors and sets at The Pencil Grip Inc.  My students and my own kids really like to use them! Now they come in more colors and options. There are a variety of packs and sizes on the site. You can even purchase them at Target with the rest of your gift list!

You can add some sparkle to your work with the metallics. My girls loved the gold and silver colors.

Or you can brighten up your projects with the neon colors.

Kwik Stix are fun to use and do not make a mess. If your kids or students paint somewhere besides the paper you can easily clean up. 

If you have some developing writers on your Christmas list you could add some of The Pencil Grips to the stocking.  I use the grips in my classroom and I have found that they really help to improve handwriting. 

You have the chance to win some of these great products. 

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