Monday, January 23, 2017

Cheap Sound Booth

Here is another cheap high tech idea! Sound booths made out of boxes and mattress foam. I love having my kids create videos to show their learning but when 30 kids are recording it gets noisy so our Apple Education Rep gave me the idea to create sound boxes. My initial idea was a large box you could stand in. It seemed like it would be hard to store in my already crowded tiny classroom. So I made smaller sound boxes for a really reasonable price!

You will need boxes big enough to have the iPad stand in (I had several sturdy moving boxes given to me.) packing tape, hot glue and mattress foam or sound panels (I also had several of these given to me.) I found brand new mattress foam at Goodwill (They have so much new stuff donated from Target!!!!)

Tape the box together and then measure out your foam sides. Hot glue those in and you are in sound booth business! I added some contact paper I already had to a couple of them. I made eight sound booths with the out of pocket cost to me being $18.99.
Your students just lean in to record their sound. It is crazy how much sound these drown out! 

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