Monday, April 23, 2012

App Time

Last week I featured Run Pee which is a great app to take to the movies. This had nothing to do with education. This week I am mixing business and pleasure with the Kindle App. Now it took me awhile to get on board with this app because I love books! I love to hold them in my hand and turn the pages. I love the way they smell and crispy new pages, but even more... I love to read!!!! Now the Kindle app is linked to amazon and it works just like a kindle on your iPad or iPhone. I have it on my phone and I love it! I always have my book with me now! I have read around 15 books on the app and I am hooked on the fact I can constantly buy and read books (you just buy with one click.) I don't even have to leave the house and that gives me time to read more! What I like even more is that I can download a sample of a book to see if I will even like it.

In the classroom......... this is a great place to store books and I have heard of whole school libraries switching to digital books. The books on the Kindle are cheaper most of the time too.

 Now I am very selective about what is on my home screen on my phone. I have most of my apps in folders but the kindle app is right on the home screen of my phone. If you love to read or were wondering which e reader to get just grab the kindle app and its FREE!!!!

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