Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lets Talk About iCloud

So my computer crashed and I lost everything!!!!!!!! (If you wanted my freebie sorry its gone!) I  was optimistic enough that I thought macs didn't crash. THEY DO!!!! I am cranky about it! I don't back up stuff. I know that I should but I don't. Now they have this great thing called icloud. If you haven't synced to the cloud you should. I put like five things on the cloud and guess what they are still there! GET THE CLOUD and back up. My sad sad lesson learned!

I will rise above and I will give away freebies again soon. I might even remake the other one. Other projects I was working and mentioned are you guessed it ....gone! I am currently working on a government unit. Yup government exciting stuff! If you have a fun idea about teaching government I would love to hear it! Comment below we will be working on it until the election.

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