Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday!

In between my pinterest addiction and watching football I thought I should check in! I am working on a prefix and suffix chart for my classroom and my teammates classroom. I will be putting it on tpt soon but I haven't given anything away in awhile so I thought I would offer it up. If you are interested in a freebie comment below with your email! I will give it out all week. The one pictured is my teammates and I made a football one for me. If you would rather have the football one let me know.


  1. What grade is it for? If you think it's good for high school students I'd love a copy -

  2. I'm not a football fan. Well, unless we are talking about my Oklahoma State Cowboys! So, where are the Broncos?

    By the way, prefixes & suffixes...Not my favorite thing to teach. lol