Sunday, July 21, 2013

End of Summer and A Giveaway

Well it's almost here ........ the end of summer. :(! I can't believe how quickly it has gone.  My room is almost done. I say almost because we have new curriculum so I am not sure what needs to be on my walls. I mentioned in a previous post I wasn't sure what my classroom was going to be like when I went in to set it up. Well worse case scenario I HAD MICE!!!! They were running across the classroom while I was setting up. Most of my stuff went in the trash can :( Luckily my principal said I could buy what I needed so I get to do a little revamping!

The next new thing that is happening in my room besides the principal and curriculum is I am getting tables instead of desks. I am not sure what to think about this I am worried about managing the students supplies. I would LOVE any input on how to manage this from experience.

I am currently working on some back to school forms and I will let you know when I am done!

Now on to a giveaway! I have donated another item from my TPT store to a giveaway! I am part of the the 3-5 giveaway!
You can enter this great giveaway here!!!! 

Now I mentioned doing my own giveaway before and I haven't had much of a response. I think I will hold off until after school starts. I will keep you posted! 

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