Monday, July 1, 2013


Alright I have been on a hiatus! I have two infant daughters so it should be understandable but in all honesty part of me was deciding if I was going to stay at home or go back to school. I couldn't write a teacher blog not being a teacher. (Right?)

I have been out of the the classroom for six months now because of bed rest, maternity leave and summer vacation. I had never planned on staying at home but then these two little babies came and I couldn't imagine leaving them! (Anyone else been there done that?) However after countless hours of debating I am returning to work in just over a month. My sweet girls will be five months old. It will be a challenge but I am excited for it!

Here is why:

1. My first graders from two years ago are now going to be back with me as 3rd graders!

2. We are getting all new curriculum strictly on the iPad through Pearson. We will be fully trained on this as we are a test model so I will have to share how it goes.

3. I am going to be teaching literacy!!!! WHOHOO I have always hoped to have this opportunity!

Now any other working moms? I am sure there are!!! Please comment with any tips you may have on making the transition back to work?

I really look forward to sharing the latest greatest technology training with you all!

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