Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Twins on the Brain and a Linky

Hey all! I have been thinking about my twins and it got me thinking about twins you might have had in your class. These days it seems like twins are everywhere! (Maybe I am just more aware now?!) I was wondering if you have taught a set of twins or multiples in your class at the same time, or maybe your school splits multiples. I just was wondering about how it went? Comment below and tell me of you positive or not so positive experiences!

I have had adopted siblings in my class and two sets of twins way back in student teaching........ but that was along time ago!

Anyways with twins on the brain I wanted to share an updated pic of my sweet girls! Its hard to get them both to look at the camera since they are babies,
but in this one at least they are looking! Happy Tuesday!

I also just joined a linky party over at First Grade Parade! LOVE HER! Check it out here!


  1. Thanks for stopping by on my Facebook Page!! I'm just checking out your blog. :) I just had twins too! One boy and one girl!! How old are yours?? It's always great to talk to fellow twin parents!


  2. Your twins are ADORABLE! I always hoped to have twins! I'm so glad I found your cute blog!

    Owl Things First

  3. Hello, I came across your blog from the TPT forum for facebook like-y. Love the colors you have chosen for the blog, it's beautiful. I had to comment on your post on twins because I myself am a twin. In my class we always separated our twins. However, when I was in school, many years ago, my twin and I attended the same class. I think the most difficult part was that our teachers would compare our work which would in most cases affect us negatively. In that respect, I believe it's more beneficial for twins to be in different classes. Please stop by my facebook page when you get a chance.

    Innovative Teacher

  4. I'm your newest follower from Owl Things First's giveaway! I'm so excited to have found your blog!

    Kristen :)