Friday, March 21, 2014


Minecraft is the biggest craze at our school! We have a Minecraft club and it is all the students talk about.

We created a Minecraft table for our silent auction.

Did you know about Minecraft Edu? This was recommended to me from our tech guy at school. It incorporates Minecraft in the classroom. It crosses Social Studies and Math with the potential to grow in to all subject areas! Check it out here

My latest creation for Teachers Pay Teachers is Minecraft inspired. I know that as we near the end of the school student engagement needs a facelift.  I created a writing review unit that is Minecraft inspired. I talked to my students and even played the game to figure it out and make it as Minecraft aligned as I could.  Please check it out here.

On another note I am on spring break! I am looking forward to relaxing and creating! 

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