Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Ready!!!

I think that I have said it about a million times, but I am so excited for this school year. Last year was a learning year full of life events and school events. I am more than excited for the changes and GREAT things that will be happening this year!

We have had some fun trainings and some really really boring ones!

Yesterday we had an awesome team building scavenger hunt to explore the new things at our school and for us to get to know the new staff. ( we added a ton of new positions) Here are a few pictures of us trying to figure out the scavenger hunt.

Of course we WON!!!! We ran through the building and did not worry about who was in our way!

Then the boring stuff happened so I kept myself busy. Here are some of my projects from yesterday!

 Thanks to we Plead the 5th for these cute designs! These are going to go in the teacher's lounge. Because its really boring in there.



TA  DA!!!!! 
I made "curtains" for the cafeteria. It wasn't the original plan for my craft but my teammate suggested it and the principal said go for it! 

Today is my training!!!!!!!!!! I am working with my great behavior team and we are presenting our new character trait training! 

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