Tuesday, September 22, 2015

KORE Wobble Stools

This summer after I attended InnEdCO I wanted to change my classroom to make all learners more successful. One of those things was to get some alternative seating. I have used "wiggle" stools in the past. I have not really liked them for a few reasons. First the ones that I have had did not stand on their own, the students were falling off of them and storage was an issue.  The next issue I had was I only had one in my room and the kid using it was "weird" or a distraction.  I found KORE Wobble Stools online and I NEEDED them for my classroom.

They are durable and come in tons of colors. They are very easy to assemble too!

With the promise of a review from me KORE generously donated five stools. Four for the students and one for me. I loved that I have one too. It took away any stigma about the stools. All of my students wanted to use them!

The purpose of the stool is to provide movement for the students with out the movement being a distraction to theirs or anyone else's education. KORE says:

"The leader in ACTIVE SITTING — enables and increases “SECONDARY FOCUS”! Think better which promotes better learning and attention to details.
Replace a traditional chair with a Kore---You will feel the difference! 
We simply weren't designed to sit still all day, yet many of us do - at work, at home, in a studio or classroom, in front of a computer. Ordinary chairs and stools force our bodies into unnatural, static positions, resulting in long-lasting physical discomfort. Kore chairs rock and spin on a gently domed base, encouraging active sitting and exercising the back. Improve your sitting experience and enjoy the long-term effects of a healthier back and happier muscles."

I really wanted to establish solid classroom routines before I introduced the students to the Wobble Stools. I waited for a few weeks and then chose a few students each day to try them out. I noticed the students that were wiggly were not so wiggly anymore! They also did not feel the need to get out of their seats. They worked! The kids loved them! Here is what they had to say:
They are smiling and love the stools!

" The Wobble Stool helps me get my work done. I can move in my seat so I don't need to get out of my seat. I like it because it helps me." - Third Grade Boy

" I like it because I can move. In my regular chair I feel like I just have to get out of it and with this I don't." -Third Grade Girl 

"I like using the stool it helps me focus." - Third Grade Boy

In my classroom I have three students that use the stools everyday. It has helped them with their behavior and the stools do not cause a distraction. I alternate the other stools throughout the classroom so that every student has a chance to use them. I have 7 stools in my classroom now. I am working to get more. I funded two of them through a grant and the stools are available in the Scholastic Book Orders Bonus Points catalogue. I have written grants to get more of them and I am anxiously awaiting the approval (fingers crossed!) I want to have enough for everyone and hopefully I will get there. The other teachers are working to fund them in their classrooms too. I have loaned a few out so they could see how they have worked for their students.

I really believe these are a great addition to your classroom. These stools go above and beyond the alternative seating movement because they really work for students.

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