Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Close Yet So Far

I am so close to Spring Break! I can't wait!!!! I love my kiddos and my job but I am ready for a break. The only thing between me and my break is conferences. Now I realize the importance of parent communication! However I feel like doing it all together is stressful!!!! Plus I always get sick so sitting and talking for hours and hours and hours never helps that!!!! Who has a conference tip to share with us to make them less shall we say painful????

 Maybe I am just cranky because of the Tebow trade or maybe I am just mad I am not going to be laying on a beach for my spring break. I think instead I will be spending time on the couch blogging and TpTing! I will also make a point to go see the Hunger Games! I am a huge book worm and loved that trilogy.

Now I am really close to a 50 follower giveaway! I mentioned before it will be a gift basket filled with goodies for you and for your classroom so please spread the word! I need four more members!!!!

I am sure I will be seeing you all again really soon! You may even get sick of me over Spring Break. Plus I am going to be a guest blogger soon too!


  1. Good luck with those conferences!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Replies
    1. FYI-I finally started a TPT store!! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. Here's my conference "tip" (take it for what you will!!!). I put on one of George Gershwin's CDs. I'm not quite sure which CD it is (or could I even tell you if I had a multiple choice?!) BUT it is great because: 1. It is classical music, so it sets a nice "tone". 2. I turn it down, but enough so there is background noise to help any long pauses. 3. His songs are fast enough paced (at least on the CD I have) that even though it is classical, I SWEAR it speeds the conferences up! You know that old theory that listening to faster paced music increases speed-- I think it works with conferences, too!!

    Again, take it for what it's worth! It may just be a flukey thing that I have, but it's worth a shot to pass on! Hope you get to enjoy your wonderful Spring Break soon! I know I enjoyed mine!!!

    Just Tinkerin Around