Monday, March 12, 2012

WOW What A Week and a Freebie!

Oh how I have missed you bloggy friends! I have been sooooo busy! We have had state standardized testing and you know how that goes. Everyone has to give a little (or a lot!) I can just say I am so glad that it is almost over and life will get almost back to normal. Almost because conferences are next week! Anyways in my very limited free time I have been preparing for St. Patrick's Day in my classroom and I created a little freebie for you! It is a note from the leprechaun.  You can can download it here.

We wrote a letter to the leprechaun today to ask him to come a day early! I just think he might wink, wink! This was my cute teammates idea. The kids loved it! We are also including a fun St. Patrick's Day fact every day this week because we are in charge of the morning announcements. I love St. Patrick's Day since I am legitimately Irish my mom always made a big fuss of it when I was growing up. To get a peek at what we will be doing you can check out my activities here.


  1. How cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! You are so sweet! If you haven't come to grab my leprechaun *freebies* yet I would sure love for you to!
    I came by because Blogger has been acting weird and dropping me from following some of my favorite blogs. I was so happy to see I am still following you. It seems to also have dropped some of my I hope you are still following me =)

    Thank you for being a bloggy blessing! =)

    Heather's Heart