Monday, March 5, 2012

Read Across America!

What a fun day we had March 2nd! I have to say Dr. Seuss Day is probably the best day we have in first grade so far! We had a wonderful day here is how it went:

We started with a parents cooking Green Eggs and Ham. We ate those with Red Fish Blue Fish Punch. With that we watched Tim Tebow read Green Eggs and Ham. (Mainly because I LOVE Tim Tebow!)

The punch is Sprite, Blue Hawaiian Punch and Swedish Fish. The Eggs were cooked on a griddle in the room with cubed ham.

Then we graphed what we thought about the green eggs and ham. 

The two that didn't like it wouldn't try it! 

Next we had a very special guest! One of my super cute room moms had a Cat in The Hat costume. She wore and came in. She read the Cat in the Hat and acted it out! She came up with that part on her own. She even used a special voice! It was amazing! Then we made Cat in the Hat Cookies. 

We made Oobleck which was a blast! The last thing we did was make truffala trees after reading the Lorax. We cut out trunks and then made pom poms for the tops. 

Read Across America was a BLAST!!! You can find all of these activities and more here.

On another note..... my followers are growing! Thanks everyone! I know it has something to do with my exciting blog weekend! Now please spread the word bloggy friends! I CANNOT wait until 50 followers! I am getting soooooo ready for a really (I MEAN REALLY) good give away! So spread the word and send your teacher friends on over!


  1. It's fun to watch those numbers climb!
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  3. We made the edible hats too! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
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