Monday, March 19, 2012

A Whole Bunch Of Stuff!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I have lots and lots to say! Here it goes: I have been blessed with some fun side work through Teachers Pay Teachers. I have been doing a lot of app searching, curriculum mapping, and iPad teaching even more than normal. I have posted my first one based on 4th grade Common Core in my TpT store here! I also am working on a primary math app list . If you are interested in those the first three people that comment and are interested you can leave your email and which one you want and I will send it to you. Also if you are interested in having me do this for you or your school please let me know!

My new favorite app is Rainbow Sentences! Now its a pricey one at $7.99 but it is such a good one. It definitely can be used with grades 1-3 and maybe kinder and 4th. It helps kiddos build quality sentences with all of the correct aspects of a good sentence!  

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Feel Free to stop reading the following rant is completely not education related I just needed to share with anyone who would listen/read! 

Now on to my Denver Broncos!!!! I love LOVE Tim Tebow! I love what he does on and off the field. He isn't so bad on the eyes etc, etc. Now they tell me that Peyton Manning is the best thing that can happen to my Denver Broncos. I am not completely convinced! John Elway do not get rid of Tim!!! I feel like this born an raised die hard Bronco fan is not sure about Peyton being "the best that ever played the game." Not when he is old and injured! I will still be at every home game and still cheer in head to toe blue and orange regardless but at this point I am not convinced! I also will not forget the hope and the fun that Tebow brought to Mile High! Any other football fans feel free to weigh in! Only time will tell and win me over! 

My Husband and I Tebowing after a BIG Tebow win!


  1. Hey, you're so sweet! Thanks for following me and giving me this award! I feel so honored and excited (insert girly giggle here). Thanks again. I am now following you ;)
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  2. Thanks for the award!! It was a nice surprise!

    WILD About First Grade!

  3. You are so sweet! Thank you for the award.

    I need to put a HUGE note on my computer to remind myself to thank sweet friends like you! I get tunnel vision when I start a post! =(

    I think something weird is happening with Blogger...I am not showing up as one of the blogs you follow. =(

    Thank you for blessing me with each visit you make to my blog! I appreciate it more than you will ever know!

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