Friday, October 10, 2014

Five For Friday

This week was conferences. They were great! I have such a small sweet class this year that it was fun to meet with the parents. The bonus about this is how great my principal and school was. They really tried to appreciate us and make conferences as fun as they could be.  We had an hour dinner break scheduled into our conference night. In that time they ordered us staff t-shirts and fed us a delicious soup and dessert bar. Look how cute these cupcakes are. 

Our PTCO president made them for us. The stems are rolled chocolate and there was awesome frosting (I am a frosting girl.) They raffled off gift cards during this time too! ( I didn't win.) To top all of this greatness off our principal came around with a pitcher of ice water for us during conferences and said we only need to be here during our conference times. So I had a two hour work day! 

Do you use IXL? This tool has been so helpful in the classroom. I love the math app and I really can't wait for them to turn the literacy component into an app. I use this in my class daily. The kids are able to work on just the skills they need and I can send it home for the parents. It is a paid subscription but you can do some free problems each day. This is the only math homework I assign. The kids LOVE it and they are always trying to earn medals. If you haven't tried it you should look into it. 

This year I am part of the character education team at my school. This summer we met and came up with the character traits. The program is going so well! It is great to see all of our hard work really paying off! You can grab the whole program here. I am also so excited about this because my awesome PTO gave me a grant to help the character ed program. Here is the kicker.... they more than doubled what I asked for! 

Here is the character wall in my classroom. 

Here is the school bulletin board with all of the awards listed! 

I am the maid of honor in my friends wedding. I guess I am technically the matron of honor but doesn't maid sound better? I met her when I was student teaching and her and I became fast friends. We have so much in common and just click. I am so happy for her and ready for some wedding fun. My non-teaching time is now dedicated to finding the best wedding stuff on Pinterest and helping where ever needed. I love being apart of weddings and supporting those close to me! We are getting ready for a planning party tonight! I am so excited! 

SLANT Box! Have you ever done this or heard about it? I am so excited! I have been hearing all about them so I decided to do one! Do you like connecting with new teachers? Do you like mail? Check it out here! Michelle does a lot of hard work matching and organizing each month! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am paired with Carrie at Being Lady Like and Jocelyn at Room 3 oh 8!


  1. The character traits program is really something special. It seems that your principal and PTO are really supportive. I work in a school with a PTO like that. They are such a blessing. Thanks for introducing me to SLANT box. I currently have a blog, but no Facebook or Instagram. I'll have to increase my social networking activity if I want to participate! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I love your blog and am your newest follower! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please check out my blog on how to accept it =)

    A LoveLi Class