Monday, June 1, 2015

How I Started Blogging

I am linking up with I Heart 3rd Grade to tell you why I started blogging!

I started my blogging journey fourish years ago. When I took maternity leave my blog did too. Lets face it my blog took an extended leave which was kinda sad but I was pregnant with twins, teaching full time and I was tired. Then I had twins...... fast forward two plus years and I think I can finally blog regularly again.
My girls and I

It all started when I was teaching first grade. I was not comfortable in first grade. It wasn't something I had done before, I was at a new school with very little curriculum, I had to do something and I turned to the internet. Pinterest was just starting out and I knew I had to have someone "teach" me how to be a first grade teacher.

Through the power of the internet I feel in love with two first grade bloggers! I discovered more and I MADE IT THROUGH THE YEAR, thanks to Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade and Kristin at Teeny Tiny Teacher.

Since they helped me I thought maybe I had an area of expertise that others would benefit from. I was teaching at the nations first 1 to 1 ischool. So I started my blog with a technology in the classroom focus. That's where First Grade Smart Cookies was born. My firsties were Mrs. Cook's cookies and I blogged like crazy. It was before my girls were born and it was my baby! Then I moved to back 3rd grade (Can I get an AMEN? ) and changed to Teaching In Bronco Country. This was a name that would go with me as long as I was teaching and which ever grade I was teaching and was also very me! I am a diehard Denver Broncos fan and have been since birth!

This was also a place I could share my Teachers Pay Teachers store but it isn't the only focus of my blog.  Sometimes I forget that! Here is my very first post. 

I did my first two blog designs by myself. I was so excited when I worked with Kristy at KristyBear Designs to create a fun blog design that was truly me.  Here is what Teaching In Bronco Country used to look like.

Through the blogging world I have connected with other bloggers, had wonderful opportunities in my classroom and challenged myself to be a better teacher.  I love link ups, blog hops, instagram and all of the other great ways to discover the amazing teachers out there.

Do you blog? How did you start?


  1. Amen to third grade!

    Thank you so much for participating in my linky party! It's great to have you join us!

    Congratulations on your twins! Mom's of multiples are AMAZING! I am always amazed at how organized and productive they are. I am sure you are no exception!

    I am hoping that you will be able to link up throughout the summer!


  2. I could never do first grade! Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm nervous about going on hiatus once baby #1 comes in November!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  3. We have the Oklahoma Thunder here so I love the colors of your blog. I taught first grade for three years and I really believe it was one of the hardest grades to teach because there is soooo much these little bodies need to accomplish, but it is very, very rewarding. I am in this link-up as well, and you can see my post on my blog.