Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Guilty Pleasures

One of the things about summer vacation is I actually have time to blog until my heart is content. I also have time for other "guilty" pleasures. I am linking up with my friend Nichole at the Craft of Teaching and  Miss V's Busy Bees to bring you some of my summer time guilty pleasures.

My first summer time guilty pleasure is Otter Pops! I love them, my hubby loves them and now my kiddos love them. I eat way more than I will ever admit. I LOVE them when they are just a little slushy too! Yum!!!! I think I need one now or.........six........

Wine on the deck is my other favorite guilty pleasure. On a nice summer night we will sit on the deck next to the fire, drink wine and listen to music. This is one of my favorite times with my hubby!

Thank you for reading about my guilty pleasures ( The ones I admit to.) I would love hear yours! Comment below!


  1. Haha! I love OtterPops I need to go buy some! And wine on the porch is pretty awesome!!! Love Colorado nights for that. :-) Thanks for linking up!

    The Craft of Teaching