Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meet Up Recap

We had our Mile High TpT meet up last Saturday and it was so much fun! Last summer I got to meet some of the lovely CO bloggers and TpTers. I have been wanting to do another one ever since. Through out the planning process I was able to see how many talented TpTers there are in CO.

This meet up became a labor of love and we were able to add more people to our group and gain some awesome goodies! If you want to know more about the planning that went in to it you can read about that here. 

The Meet Up was at the Rio Grande Restaurant in Highlands Ranch, CO. I LOVE this place it is our go to spot for dinner. They were so awesome in accommodating our group.
Mary from Teaching With A Mountain View and I

We enjoyed a yummy lunch and had a chance to visit. I was able to sit next to a few ladies from last year and meet some new ones! I am so glad I did (did I mention the talent yet?) I have been blog stocking these ladies since the meet up (you know you do it... I just admit it!)

We did a favorite school supply exchange. You brought your favorite and left with someone elses. This was fun. I ended up with skinny Mr. Sketch and I brought giant post its because I use them for EVERYTHING. We had a fun variety of them from binders, staplers and whisky (HA!)

Then we gave away the awesome raffle prizes from our very generous donors.

Learning Resources was so generous! What a wonderful company with so many great educational supplies to offer. We got subject magnets and I am already planning a spot in my classroom for these. We got scented pens from scentco brand. A seat back pocket organizer, I have used these on several occasions in my classroom.  Some very cute magnet clips, I cannot wait to use these. I am constantly looking for a good clip to use in my room. They also donated some engaging games for the classroom. 

Little Knits has the cutest Etsy shop. The pencil scarf was a perfect gift for teachers. 

Lakeshore has been my go to for educational needs since I started teaching. It was so nice to be supported by them.

I love scented school supplies. Its the child inside of me that still is giddy about sparkly scented supplies. They offer great fundraisers for your school too. I did one a few years ago and the students loved it! 

BIC was another generous company. They have so many great school supply products and we got to sample four of the latest! They are also working hard on a campaign called Fight For Your Write. Read about it here.

Do you GoNoodle with your class? These fun brain breaks are great for every classroom. My class loves to GoNoodle and grow their creatures! 

I was lucky enough to win one of these adorable teaching shirts. I have been wanting a cute teaching shirt forever and now I got one! Plus she designed our collaborative blog shirts. 

This is a wonderful Etsy shop! It is full of great stuff for your classroom but I love all of her cute and creative items. She donated the cutest pencil banner which was a hit! 

I love my Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener. This is a must in every classroom, it eliminates all of the pencil drama. I have blogged about it a couple of times but you need one!

Kristy is the very talented designer of my blog. She also designed my logo, business card and banners. She is wonderful and so easy to work with. Leah the winner was so excited! If you need a design service she is the one to turn to! 

This is a great online planning resource for teachers. If you are looking for a way organize your classroom check this out.

We also raffled off goodies from our wonderful CO sellers!

We all left with an amazing bag full of goodies! We got pens and pencils from BIC. Magnets, clips, pens and seat back pockets from learning resources. Pens, a lanyard and the bag from GoNoodle! Guess what? You have a chance to win one! 

I am linking up with some of the other CO sellers to give you a chance to win one of five of our meet up swag bags! 

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I am linking up with several of the other CO TpTers. Check out their Meet Up Recaps!

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