Friday, June 12, 2015

Coming Clean on About Tell All Tuesday

The Two Truths and a Lie has to be one of my favorite ever link ups! Thanks to the two talented ladies  My Day in K and Teach Talk Inspire that dreamed it up. I giggled to myself as I read each comment.  So now it is time to come clean:

Number one: My art work has appeared on a billboard. I won a contest and was featured, it was a highlight in my childhood even though they spelled my name wrong. I painted a pueblo. The crazy thing about it is that instead of blowing up the submission. I had to paint a full sized billboard in my living room.

Truth! I won a contest in 5th grade. All details are true too. Here it is: 

Number Two: I was in a short lived reality series about people who were amateur chefs Called Trying to Bake It. It was on Food Network a few years ago. I was chosen because I wrote my own cookbook called Tailgating Specialties.  I LOVE to cook and if I wasn't a teacher I would be a professional chef. 

Lie: Do love to cook and I would love to be a chef however I have not written my own cook book or been on Food Network. I love that several people thought this was real because it would be so cool if it was! Thanks to my sweet husband for helping come up with this lie. 

Number Three: I performed in my own rendition of Achy Breaky Heart on public access television. I was sure that Billy Ray Cyrus was the next big thing. You can still find me singing the one hit wonder any time there is a karaoke mic in front of me. 

Truth: I loved Billy Ray! I was part of a dancing and singing group that was given the opportunity to perform. Each of us choose our own acts and performed. I picked the outfit, made up the dance and went to town! The video was even shown at my wedding rehearsal. 

I even saw him in concert

Check out all of that sass and the stylish outfit.

I have sang it several times since. ( A fact I am not sure I am proud of.)

Another thank you to my wonderful mom who dug up all the pictures that I needed for this post! I am off to see what the other bloggers had to say about their truths and lies! Thank you for checking in and playing along! 

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