Monday, July 13, 2015


I did not make TpT Las Vegas and I am bummed about it but it was totally worth it to stand by my besties side on her wedding day. The wedding week activities were fun and the wedding itself was so beautiful! My sweet girls were flower girls too.  It was their second flower girl gig this summer. They are pros now so we will start charging a fee!

I tried to keep up with all of the Vegas happenings on social media and it seems like the next big thing is Periscope. I have watched a few live streams and it seems so much fun. I will have to come up with something to share soon but I am really enjoying live videos of everything. You can search Teaching In Bronco Country or find me at TeacherBronco. I am on Twitter too at BroncoTeacher I am working on figuring out both of these! Please check me out and stay tuned! 

UPDATE: I have done two Periscopes! I will be back soon to share my classroom and some other share worthy items! 

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  1. I caught your Sight Word jenga broadcast! Great idea! I couldn't comment but I was there showing support! <3 I prefer to lurk versus actually broadcast but hope to do more soon. :)