Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Snow Day

Yup you read that right! I am sitting here on another snow day! I woke up ready to go to work at 5:30 and the phone call came at 5:40! I couldn't go back to sleep. I wanted to be productive but I got hooked on teacher blogs! I have to say that I just found A Teeny Tiny Teacher and I couldn't stop reading/ laughing! I grabbed her button and I added it to my page! 

It occurred to me today as I couldn't sleep in on a free day off.... that I have a bunch of free time on my hands these days! I do!!!! I couldn't think why! Then I remembered I switched schools and grade levels. Its a whole different ball game now my friends! I hesitate to say this because it may sound like BRAGGING... but I have a LIFE. My life now includes time for:

Cooking--- My favorite hobby ( You create something wonderful, you get to share it and EAT it! 

Pinterest--- Did the world turn before this great invention? If you are interested in what makes me tick you can follow my boards! 

Teacher Blog Reading/ Blogging-- What did I do with my nosey self before I could invite myself into other peoples classrooms??? Comment PLEASE if you have a blog I should check out! 

The Gym--- Now I don't absolutely love the fact I have time for this.... But I am hoping I love the results in time for a busy summer including my 10 year reunion! 

Church--- I have time to get involved with my church! 

MY HUSBAND--- I actually get to see the guy and I kinda like it! 

Did I mention I love my job???? Plus blogging and Pinterest makes me a better teacher right????

Okay back to the purpose of my blog...

One of my new favorite apps is Rover!

Rover is a free  app! It is linked to games and Discovery Education ( a tool I couldn't live without!) Your class will love it. We had a teacher work day on Friday. Our principal taught us how to blog (little did he know). Anyways my teammate and I featured Rover and Discovery in our blog post and made a little video about it. Stroll down the red carpet for the video release!



  1. Awww! Thanks for the shout out!
    I'm your newest follower!!!
    And I'm super jealous of anyone who can have snow days!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Just found your blog and followed! Can't wait to read your other posts! Please come visit me soon!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade